Your voice, your way.

One of the greatest aspects about being your own boss is that you can make your own rules. For years I had it drummed in to me about how I should structure my conversations, my emails, my tone of voice.. that I should even change my handwriting. What the hell right?

Being authentic, genuine and true to your self and to your following is beautiful, and the best part is - people will admire you for it. And it doesn't just produce small results either. When I first posted my most genuinely aware post - my engagement tripled. Now with that being said, how much you choose to share is completely up to you. After all, we all have our own stories, emotions and messages that we would like to share right?

But I do however, feel so passionately that your whole branding story should be a reflection of your true identity and aware self. There is a fantastic quote from Danielle LaPorte that reads "Can you remember who you were, before the world told you who you should be?" And THIS is where we will find your authentic sweet spot.

Together we will bring it back to basics, we'll find out what makes you tick and we'll bring it to fruition through an amazing journey of self-discovery and relentless creativity. Truth be told, there are SO many elements that make up a brand but this is what we will find out by following a gently guided, visual and exciting path, together. 

So for your information, I have included below a snippet of the process and information we will cover. Each business and brand identity is so very different, so understandably, each package will be exclusively built for you.

Sophie White



Firstly let me say that I’m so very grateful and glad that you’re already considering working with a professional designer. This is SUCH an important step towards creating a beautiful brand that not only encompasses you and your business, but will also help to influence your unique style and voice in the online community. It's also a strategic part of your sales funnel where you pre-qualify your clients before you've even spoken to one another - pretty cool huh?

My collaborative process has been designed entirely around bringing to life some of your most unique characteristics and aesthetics. And what’s more - we’ll get the most important aspects covered. Logos, websites, watermarks, colour palettes, social media integration.. you name it and I'll complete it for you.

Your online brand is so much more than just typeface and moodboards. It's an extension of you, of your story, your emotions and your message.

And please don't worry about my sales process or negotiations. I am a completely open book and an ethical entrepreneur. There is nothing I enjoy more than a happy collaboration - honest, upfront and totally on the same level and soulful wavelength with one another. Person to person, from me to you.

So shall we get to know one another first? I LOVE a good virtual coffee and I can't wait to discover what makes you, and your brand tick. Genuinely.

So please do feel free to drop me a line and let's go tell the world all about you! Yay!

With love and laughter,

Sophie x x